Marine Boat Cushions! – (Costs, Sizes, Foam)

Sailboat cushions are a very nice thing to have when sailing. Sitting on the fiberglass hull for long periods of time can be painful. I highly recommend putting money towards some good cushions.

As a whole, sailboat cushions for the cockpit should be 3-4 inches thick depending on the density of the foam used. If the foam has a lower density, the cushions will need to be thicker. The lower density foam will be more sponge-like but will wear out more rapidly.

Sailboat cushions are a great feature to have on your boat. It will make everything more enjoyable. Keep reading to find out more about cushions and foam.

How Much Are New Cushions For A Boat?

As a whole, Sailboat cockpit cushions will cost around $2500 dollars. This is based on an average sailboat length of 30ft. Depending on the thickness of the cushion and the quality of the foam the price can go up or down.

This is hard to estimate when there are so many boats out there, but it is a good estimate. I personally found cushions for my Catalina 22 on eBay. They were used of course and original to the boat but in great condition.

Foam is a big factor to consider when looking for cushions.

What Foam Is Best For Boat Seats?

As a general rule, the best foam for boats is a quick-drying foam with medium firmness. The quick-drying foam will help prevent mold and keep your cushions lasting longer. Medium firmness is a good option when it comes to cushioning comfort.

There are two types of foam, open-cell, and closed-cell.

Open-cell foam is constructed in a way that allows air to move more freely between the cells when compressed. This will give the foam a more cushy feel making it feel more comfortable. Polyurethane foam (polyfoam), memory foam, and latex foam are the three common types of open-cell foams.

Closed-cell foam uses sealed cells. This keeps water from penetrating your foam making it ideal for flotation devices. Sealing itself off from water will keep mildew from growing inside of it. If you have ever used a life ring, this would be a good example of closed-cell foam.

3 Factors To Consider When Buying Boat Cushions

  1. Comfort – This is probably the most important thing people think about when buying boat cushions. We all want to be comfortable on our boat. The softer the foam the more comfortable it will be. Just remember it will wear out quicker as well.
  2. Durability – Durability is important because you dont want to be buying new cushions every year. That would be very expensinve. The thicker the foam the more durable it will be. It just wont be as comfortable as a low density foam.
  3. Support – A lot of people today consider support a big factor when selecting a chair. The same thing comes into play when picking out boat cushions. You need to think about the support you want and how dense your want your cushion to be in relation to comfort and durability.

There is a lot of different foam out there for comfort. Keep reading for more information before you make your decision on what foam to buy.

Can You Use Memory Foam For Boat Seats?

Memory foam is a polyurethane type foam, or low-resistance polyurethane foam (LRPu). It is a great option for boat cushions, especially in a boat mattress, as it provides maximum comfort. It is recommended to wrap the memory foam around a firmer foam for added support.

The main component of memory foam is a polymer (a substance with large molecules, consisting of many small, similar subunits bonded together) called polyurethane. Companies add different types of chemicals and additives to this foam to create the perfect memory foam.

When using it as a cushion it can wear over time and create an indention in itself. This is why it is always a good idea to make your cushion by wrapping your memory foam over a firmer foam. This will keep your cushion lasting longer before it wears out and loses all support.

Price is a huge thing when it comes to boat cushions.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Boat Cushions?

The average cost for a 48″x15″ seat cushion 3″ thick is $275.00. For a basic, 24″x24″ cushion 2″ thick the cost will be $200.00. For a v-berth mattress, the average cost would be $464.42 depending on foam type. These prices include labor and materials.

The above pricing includes a basic cover as well as medium-density foam. The foam quality and cover type can really affect the price.

When it comes to boat cushions there are a million different sizes out there and that really affects the cost. The other item that affects cost is foam type. The better the foam the more it will cost.

When ordering new cushions make sure you have the exact measurements you need. Most places do not allow returns. Check out the table below for the estimated cost of cushions.

Foam Cushion Cost (Foam Only)

24″ x 24″$14.70$21.55$28.40
24″ x 48″$25.90$38.35$50.80
24″ x 72″$37.10$55.15$73.20
36″ x 36″$28.70$42.55$56.40
36″ x 96″$70.70$118.80$158.40
12″ x 24″$10.50$13.15$17.20
12″ x 36″$11.90$17.35$22.80
12″ x 50″$15.17$22.25$29.33

The above table is great for the average cost of foam selection. You will also need a cover to help protect and increase the life of your foam.

Sailboat Cushion Cover Cost

24″ x 24″$92.99$120.54$120.54
24″ x 48″$160.64$160.64$160.64
24″ x 72″$298.39$298.39$298.39
36″ x 36″$195.75$195.75$195.75
36″ x 96″$466.13$466.13$466.13
12″ x 24″$92.99$92.99$92.99
12″ x 36″$105.54$105.54$133.09
12″ x 50″$105.54$133.09$133.09

The above listing is from a custom foam website. I calculated all of this pricing based on a basic blue UV resistant material type covering. From my research, these are great pricing options.

You don’t always need a cushion though.

What Is A Stern Seat?

Stern seats are hard plastic seats that mount to the stern railing around the cockpit of a sailboat. They are custom built to fit all types of boat railings. The seat is made of marine-grade polymer, usually has a cup holder, and is UV resistant. Typically, no tools are required for installation.

Stern seats are a great addition to any sailboat. They create a unique sitting area that everyone will want to use. They do not require any cushioning unless you really want to splurge. They are made to fit all types of boats. Make sure you purchase one that will fit your railing.

As always there are so many different options out there for seating on your boat and you always have to plan out what you want. Not planning is planning to fail.


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