Is Sailing In Texas More Difficult Than Other States?

When it comes to sailing, certain places can be more difficult than others. I have sailed in Washington, Florida, Idaho, and Texas. They have all been great places to sail.

As a whole, sailing in Texas is not more difficult than in the other 49 states. Texas offers plenty of lakes and gulf coast ports for optimal sailing conditions. The winds and waters of Texas make sailing in Texas a great experience for anyone.

Sailing in Texas is something everyone should try. This article will discuss sailing in Texas in more detail and the best locations to sail in Texas.

Sailing In Texas Compared To Other States

Sailing in Texas is a great experience. There are tons of lakes and the gulf coast to explore. I have sailed in multiple parts of Texas and enjoyed every minute of it.

Texas is just like all the other states when it comes to sailing. All you need is a sailboat, water, and some wind. If you have those three things you can sail anywhere. Texas has plenty of all three.

Do people sail in Texas? Thousands of people sail in Texas every year. Texas offers plenty of great lakes and ocean coastline for great sailing.

I have sailed on Lake Travis and Canyon Lake here in Texas and both are great options for sailing. The lakes are a good size and the wind is almost always available. There were huge sailing communities at both of these lakes and I always had other sailboats out on the water with me.

Compared to the other states I have sailed in, Texas is one of the best. I have sailed in Washington, Idaho, and Florida as well. Washington is a great place for sailing, we all know that. The scenery there is amazing with the Mountains and National Forests everywhere, it’s a very majestic feeling.

Florida has the Gulf of Mexico. Sailing out there is amazing. It’s wide open for sailing in any direction. There are also a lot of bays for sailing in Florida. If the gulf is too rough, you still have the bays to play around in.

Idaho was a lake sail obviously, and it’s where I slipped my first sailboat. The lake was huge! The navy even had a small outpost there for testing sonar. I have done a lot of lake sailing and that Idaho lake “Lake Pend Oreille” was amazing.

Check out the list in the next section to find out which lakes in Texas are best for sailing!

The 9 Best Sailing Lakes In Texas

1. Lake Travis – Austin, TX

Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River. Its main purpose is as a flood-control reservoir for the surrounding area, but it is also used as a water supply and electrical power generation. Lake Travis has 30 square miles of surface area and it is considered full at 681 feet.

I have personally sailed on this lake and enjoyed the experience. There is a large sailing community on this lake which means it is a great place to sail.

The negative side to this lake is when the water level drops. This lake can see a big drop in water levels due to droughts and water consumption from the Austin area. Double-check the water levels if you plan to sail here.

2. Lake Texoma – Denison, TX

Is Lake Texoma good for sailing? Lake Texoma is one of the best lakes in Texas for sailing.

Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the country. The lake has an average depth of 619 feet and a surface area of 93,000 acres, making it extremely large. It is situated on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, giving it the name Texoma. The lake attracts over 6 million visitors a year making it a very popular place.

3. Grapevine Lake – Grapevine, TX

Grapevine lake is near the Dallas and Fort Worth area in northern Texas. The surface area of the lake is 6684 acres with a max depth of 65 feet. The lake has a huge sailing presence. If you are looking for a club to join be sure to check out the Grapevine Sailing Club (GSC). They offer a ton of opportunities to sail.

This lake is of a unique shape. If I had to describe the lake shape I would say a long rectangle. It doesn’t break off into a bunch of small creeks and rivers. Check out the image below for a visual of the lake.

I would love to sail this lake but I am about 4 hours away from it. If you ever have the chance definitely check out this lake.

4. Lake Lewisville – Lewisville, TX

Lake Lewisville spans 29,000 acres and has 233 miles of shoreline, making it one of Texas’s biggest lakes. It is manmade and built for flood control purposes. This lake’s size and the wind patterns it has makes it a great option for sailboats. Check out the video below just to get an idea of how it looks when sailing on Lake Lewisville.

5. Lake Conroe – Montgomery County, TX

Lake Conroe is very close to Conroe Texas, but the majority of the lake is part of Montgomery County. The lake is 21,000 acres making it a great size. If you are considering this lake for sailing, look up the Lake Conroe Sailing Association (LCSA). They have socials and races year-round.

I have not been to this lake personally, but it appears to be a great size with a great sailing community. If you are near the southeast area of Texas, I would consider checking this lake out as soon as possible.

6. Lake Livingston – Livingston, TX

This lake has 83,000 acres of surface area and over 400 miles of shoreline. This lake is massive! This lake is large enough that white caps are seen here frequently. A lake that has actual waves is awesome. I always prefer to sail in the ocean or a lake that has the same feel as this one does.

The lake is located just 80 miles north of Houston and 175 miles southeast of Dallas. Since this lake is so far south, the winter months can be enjoyable as well with highs into the 60s and sometimes even 70s. This lake is a year-round attraction for all boaters.

The sailing and fishing are fantastic here!

If you like fishing as well as sailing, then this lake is a fantastic option. If you have never fished from a sailboat check out this article Can You Fish From A Sailboat?

There are some shallow areas on this lake to watch out for, but the deepest areas are on the southern side of the lake. If you have a swing keel you will be able to explore a lot of different areas.

This lake is one of my top choices due to its size.

7. Cedar Creek Reservoir – Cedar Creek, TX

This is a reservoir located in Henderson and Kaufman Counties. The reservoir is about 50 miles southeast of Dallas, TX. is located just outside of Dallas Texas. The lake is over 18 miles long and over 2 miles wide, in some areas. The max depth is 62 feet.

It is not the largest lake in Texas but does offer great space for sailing. A cool feature of this lake would be the islands. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department maintains 3 islands that consist of 160 acres of land. A great place to sail and see the natural wildlife.

If you are looking for more information on this lake specifically and the sailing it offers check out the Cedar Creek Yacht Club on Facebook. Cedar Creek Yacht Club | Facebook

8. Lake Ray Roberts – Sanger, TX

Lake Ray Roberts is an artificial 29,350-acre reservoir located 10 miles north of Denton, TX. It is not the biggest lake in Texas by any means, but still a good option for day sailing. There is also a very well-kept state park on this lake.

For boating, there is a large marina called “Lake Ray Roberts Marnia,” which has plenty of slips, 500 to be exact. There are quite a few sailboat slips as well making this a good sailboat community.

If you are looking for a smaller lake, then this could be the one.

9. Canyon Lake – Comal County, TX

Canyon Lake is another smaller option with a great sailing community. I have sailed there a few times and find the lake to be an excellent choice for sailing. The lake has a surface area of 12.6 miles squared. That is not the biggest but still a good size.

Lake Canyon Yacht Club is a great club for sailors. They have a great facility and tons of slips. There is still a very long waiting list for a slip though. I recommend visiting them if you plan to sail on this lake.

If you want to check out canyon lake while sailing, the Go Sailing App has events at Canyon Lake. Read more about the app in this article here

These are all great lakes to sail in Texas. There is plenty of ocean sailing in Texas as well. Keep reading to find out more about sailing in Texas.

Gulf Coast Sailing in Texas – 5 Locations

The Texas coastline is a great destination for sailors. The gulf coast is a great ocean area for all sailors. There are tons of marinas and sail schools located on the gulf shores of Texas. Below is a list of cities that offer great sailing:

1. Port Aransas

Port Aransas is located on Mustang Island in the gulf waters of Texas. It can be accessed by traveling through Corpus Christi or Aransas Pass. Check out the location by clicking here – Port Aransas

2. Corpus Christi

Corpus is 130 miles south of San Antonio and sits on the Gulf of Mexico. It has a population of over 300,000 citizens and a great sailing community. If you are new to sailing and want to learn check out Learn To Sail located in Corpus.

3. Galveston

Galveston is another great coastal city for sailing. It is located on the east side of Texas just under Houston. I have visited Galveston plenty of times and it is a nice area, but very popular for tourists. Plenty of sailboats on the water. Here is an image of it on the map. Plenty of water around for sailing.

4. Houston

Houston is just north of Galveston. They share a lot of the same water. Houston has a great bay for sailing if you don’t want to go out in the open gulf. The Trinity Bay is huge and offers some great sailing. The bay is about 20 miles long and connects the Trinity River to Galveston Bay. Check out the map for a good idea of how large it is.

5. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is one of the best beach locations in Texas. I travel here almost every year to take in the white sands and blue waters. It is very close to the Texas-Mexico border and has multiple state parks around it. I love this area! Plenty of sailing opportunities here.

If you are considering moving to any of the above areas and want to get into sailing, I recommend searching the above cities and finding out about the local marinas and sail schools. Each one will have multiple options.

When it comes to sailing and learning how to sail, oceans are the best spot to go. It is so nice to have large open areas when sailing and the Gulf is perfect!

Texas is an amazing state and an amazing place to sail. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good experience.


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