Is The Hobie 16 Good For Beginners? – Full Review

Hobie 16s have been around for years and are a lot of fun. They are great for going out during the day and zipping around the lake or bay. They are what I first learned to sail on.

The Hobie 16 is a great option for beginners. The Hobie 16 is a simple catamaran with a trampoline center. You can sail the Hobie 16 with one sail or two, giving beginners an easier option. Many beginners start on a Hobie 16.

The Hobie 16 is an amazing vessel. Sailors of all skill levels enjoy the Hobie 16. This article is going to discuss this boat in great detail and help you understand why it is perfect for beginners.

How Long Does It Take To Rig A Hobie 16?

The Hobie 16 can be rigged in 10-15 minutes. If the mast is already up, it will take even less time. As long as you maintain your Hobie and keep the parts in good shape, the rigging should never take longer than 10 minutes.

For beginners, rigging a Hobie should be very simple. I first learned on a Hobie Wave and I was able to rig it after being shown once. The Hobie 16 can be rigged with one sail or more, but for beginners just using one sail will be perfect for learning.

There are more parts you can add to the rigging process such as a jib sail, spinnaker, and trapeze parts. This is for much more serious sailing and is not intended for beginners. This is one of the main reasons I love the 16 so much, you can keep it simple or add more complex parts as your sailing skills improve.

This boat is great for anyone!

Can You Sail A Hobie 16 Alone?

A Hobie 16 can accommodate anywhere from one to four people comfortably. You can sail a Hobie 16 alone very easily. They are great vessels for single-handed sailing. Its size and simplicity make it a great choice for beginner solo sailors.

When it comes to solo sailing, a Hobie 16 is a great option. They are perfect if you want a day out on the water alone. See the list below for reasons they are perfect for sailing alone.

  • Minimal Size
  • Can Be Sailed With One Sail
  • Very Light Weight Boat
  • Easy To Flip Over After Capsizing
  • Mast Float To Prevent Turtling

I first learned to sail on this boat and it was easy to pick up. I started sailing alone after my first lesson. This is truly a perfect boat to begin your sailing career.

Is It Hard To Sail A Hobie 16?

A Hobie 16 is very easy to sail. You can start with one sail and take your time learning how the boat handles. As your skills progress you can add more sails and trapeze lines to take advantage of the boat’s top speed.

This section was a simple question with an answer, IT IS NOT HARD TO SAIL, just start slow and learn as you go.

How Do You Sail A Hobie 16? – With Videos

This section will show you three videos of how to sail a Hobie 16. The best way to learn how to sail a Hobie 16 is visual. Subscribe to JoyRiderTV! This guy has a ton of Hobie 16 videos.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Hobie 16 Tutorial Onboard

These videos should give you a great starting point for sailing a Hobie 16.

History Of The Hobie 16

The ISAF International Class Hobie 16(H16) is a popular catamaran manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company for racing and day sailing. The craft was the driving force behind the popularization of beach cats and was recently inducted into the Sailing Hall Of Fame.

Introduced in 1971, the Hobie 16 is the second largest boat fleet in existence with over 135,000 boats built to date.

The boat is distinctly recognized for its asymmetric “banana” shaped hulls, designed to work without the need for daggerboards so the catamaran could be run up the beach without worry. The rudders kick up automatically by lifting on the tiller crossbar.

This boat has been around a long time and it is still one of the most popular catamarans out there.

How Much Does A Hobie 16 Cost? – 3 Options

There are multiple options when selecting a Hobie 16. New or used will probably be your most significant decision followed by if you need a trailer. Take a look below at the costs of the different types of Hobie boats.

2022 Hobie Wave$6,999.00
2013 Hobie Wave$4,999.00
2022 Hobie Getaway$12,499.00
2022 Hobie 16$12,699.00
1983 Hobie 16$3,500.00
2010 Hobie 16$8,000.00
These prices are based on third-party websites not directly from Hobie.

The prices can vary quite differently. Make sure you shop around before purchasing one. If you are willing to drive a long distance, check the prices in other states where Hobies are in great supply.

Final Thoughts

The Hobie 16 is a great boat for beginners and experienced sailors. There are a ton of ways to add on to this boat as your skills improve. If you are just looking to cruise around a lake, then a Hobie 16 with just the mainsail would be perfect for you. These boats have been around for decades and never disappoint. I don’t think I have ever met someone who didn’t like the Hobie 16. I think I might even go out and buy one now.


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