Sail Knives

Anytime you head out into open waters you should have a knife. Lines can come tangled at any moment in high winds and if you can’t cut your sail loose, you could be in serious trouble.

Please take a look at the knives below and select one for your next sailing trip.

Gill Multi-Purpose Marine Tool -Titanium coated 420 stainless steel for even greater corrosion resistance.

DULEES Marlin Spike Rigging Knife -Marlin spike is the most important and practical function of a marlin spike knife. It can quickly untie and splice the ropes on the ship, especially when we go to sea for a long time and the knots are repeatedly soaked and tightened by seawater.

BW German army mariner navy knife -This is an army-style knife from the German military Bundeswehr Marines. PREMIUM QUALITY

Myerchin Sailors Tool Linerlock Red -Stainless serrated blade with thumb studs. Bail secures marlin spike in the closed position. Release bail to open spike which serves as a handle for pliers.

Maxam Sailor’s Tool a Powerful Multi-Use Sailor’s Knife -The Maxam Sailor’s Tool is a powerfully-effective multi-sailing, tool that’s designed for fast/easy cutting access and is efficiently packed in a sleek ruggedly compact stainless-steel body.