Sailboats For A Family Of 6 – Top 4

Sailing as a family of six can be exciting for most of us. More people can mean more fun, better role allocation, and better mutual support. But, which sailboat to choose for the travel?

The ideal sailboat for a family of 6 should be at least 30 ft long and include space for sleeping, showers, and toilets. The Catalina MK II, Beneteau Oceanis, and Lagoon 42 are highly recommended for mid-sized families. 

What makes a sailboat perfect for a family of six? Well, there are numerous factors to consider.

The 4 Best Sailboats For A Family Of 6

After researching several mid-sized sailboats, we have listed four sailboats for your consideration.

1. Beneteau Oceanis 38.1

The Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 is a compact boat that is ideal for a family of six with enough space for two more guests. 

These yachts come in handy and have adequate amenities to satisfy all your family’s needs. What is exceptional about this boat is its stability. Whether you are planning to cross the Pacific or hop around different islands, the stability of this vessel is great for handling all weather conditions. 

Families that have used this model have found the stability exceptional. There is also a vast swimming area which is great for families with kids. The sailboat contains three cabins and two bathrooms. 

Want to get a first-hand view of how things could turn in this sailboat? You should watch this video:

Keep reading for more sailboats and videos of families sailing the world.

2. Lagoon 42 & 47

Lagoon catamarans are known for their ergonomics and ease of movement in ample space. These catamarans can accommodate up to 12 guests and have four cabins and three bathrooms on average. Some of them have six cabins and five bathrooms, depending on the model. 

What is so special about these catamarans is their stability and the excellent deck layout. The deck is perfect for families to take multiple views of the ocean. Lagoons are well-performing and ideal for sailors with moderate experience. 

These catamarans are over 40 ft in length and have a center cockpit. The amount of space and different areas on this boat will be great for a family of six to spread out. Your privacy is not compromised anywhere on this vessel.

The only precaution I recommend is to be careful docking since it is so large. It will be much more different than a typical 30 ft monohull.  

To get a glimpse of this boat, watch this video:

A family of six takes this boat to sail with their four kids, and it has never let them down. 

3. Catalina 36 MK II 

Want to take a well-known sailboat for your vacation? The Catalina MK II is your solution. This is one of the most widely used sailboats that families trust in terms of convenience, amenities, costs, and durability. 

The sailboat consists of two cabins and one head. This may seem on the smaller side, but the Catalina MK II is 36 ft in length, giving your family plenty of space to spread out. One of the biggest things to consider when there are six of you is overall space.

The hand-laid hull is solid fiberglass. Vinyl ester resin is used on the outer plies, underneath the gel coat, because it better resists osmotic blistering than polyester.

The saloon measures 13′ 4″ long from the companionway to the forward stateroom, and the maximum headroom is 6′ 5″. This is fantastic head space.

This would be my first choice if I had a family of six!

4. Beneteau 49 Monohull

If I were to recommend a next-gen sailboat that fits all your needs and the itinerary, I’d blindly go with the Beneteau 49 Bluewater Monohull Sailboat. Passengers and sailors proudly remark on this sailboat as an exceptional monohull. It is about 50 feet in length and accommodates medium to large-sized families. 

Several families that have completely moved to live on boats, go with these broad and recreational boats. Be it weeks or months, you can stretch and relax in comfort. This is also great for families that need privacy.

Remember, more space, more privacy.

If you were to purchase one of these new from Beneteau, you could choose between two options. The first option has 3 cabins and 2 heads, and the second option has 2 cabins and 2 heads.

I am not sure about the price on this one, but it will definitely be six figures if you buy it new.

How To Choose A Sailboat For A Family Of 6?

Choosing the perfect sailboat for a family of 6 requires assessment of factors like safety, amenities, space, comfort, entertainment, and ease. Your requirements are vital in identifying the ideal model for your family. 

Some use sailboats to sail across the ocean or take a short vacation. However, a lot of people choose to live on sailboats and need vast spaces or trailers to move whenever required. 

Here is a list of 6 items to consider when selecting a sailboat for a family of 6:

  • Size – This is the first and foremost specification of a sailboat to pay attention to. A family of six needs a sailboat of at least 30 ft in length. If you are planning to live on it, you should go with a sailboat over 40 ft in length. 
  • Safety – Does the sailboat provide adequate safety amenities? Is it equipped as per the safety laws? Check these questions as you review the boat. Some sailboats also have safety nets to safeguard passengers during emergencies, which is a nice feature.
  • Cockpit look – The layout of the cockpit is of paramount importance when you are sailing and need to watch your children and the seas. This is one of the reasons that several families choose recreational catamarans. They have great views from the large cockpit area.
  • Hull – Are you someone sailing most of the time? You may need a multi-hull sailboat that gives more speed and a smoother ride. If you are planning to sail across an ocean, you need to go with multi-hulled boats that are large and provide more comfort on the go. This is all about personal preference. 
  • Amenities – As you travel with kids, it is essential to have private bathrooms, bedrooms, and space. Options for activities like diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are great to have for entertainment. Find out if your sailboat has the space to let you barbeque and keep your family entertained.
  • Pet-friendly – Most families planning to live on sailboats move with their pets. In such instances, you need to find out if the sailboat has enough room for pets to move around and live. 

From the technical perspective, ensure that you are aware of the heeling nature of the boat. Some conventional sailboats heel excessively and affect the stability during rough currents. Go with modern sailboats that have moderate heels and also prioritized stability. To find out more check out my article on boats that heel.

If you are planning to purchase a sailboat only for vacations, a monohull is sufficient, but it is the decision of your family with regard to amenities. 

What Is A Good Size Sailboat To Live On?

A good size sailboat to live in is about 30 feet in length for individuals and above 40 feet in length for families. 

Solo sailors wanting to enjoy their free times tend to go for shorter vacations. In such instances, they do not go behind excellent amenities. Instead, they go with smaller sailboats that are easy to maintain, stable, and more affordable.

For families, there are numerous considerations, and it is also essential to satisfy the needs of everyone. As a result, providing ample spaces to accommodate them would solve the majority of their needs. 

What Is A Good Size Sailboat For The Ocean?

The ideal size of a sailboat for the ocean is 35-45 feet in length. This length helps fit cargo, handle rough conditions, and achieve high hull speeds. Make sure you have the crew available to handle a larger boat.

Whether you are traveling solo or as a family, a sailboat of this length is more likely to give you the best view and protection at all times. Always go with catamarans when you sail across an ocean as they are extremely stable and easy to maintain. 

Are you planning to sail around the world via the ocean? You should go with sailboats that have ample spaces to stock food, water, and other essentials for several weeks. 

How Big Of A Sailboat Can A Couple Sail?

The ideal size of a sailboat for a couple is 35-40 feet in length. This sized sailboat is perfect for stocking items, engaging in recreational activities, and safety. 

A couple with no kids can have a great time in sailboats of at least 30 feet in length. However, couples with kids need more amenities such as adequate cabins, bathrooms, and entertainment elements to keep everyone engaged while sailing for long periods. 

Choosing sailboats that are smaller can pose space constraints. Contrarily, larger sailboats can be too big to handle during rough currents. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you rent or purchase a sailboat, it is essential to find if it is worth every penny spent. Individual priorities can significantly differ. However, it is essential to list them and gain consensus before purchasing one. 

If you are new to choosing sailboats, Lagoon, Beneteau, and Bali catamarans are your starting points. Choose the size based on the number of members and the duration of the trip. If you are planning to live on your sailboat, durability is more important than affordability. 

Set your goals, and then begin hunting that perfect sailboat down for a family of six! 


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